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Community Management

Each one of us is a fan of something. Therefore, we know best how it feels when our passionate interest is unrequited. I don’t want to let this happen to your brand, so instead, let your audience just Talk To Aleks. I monitorize your Social Media Channels, create interesting content and stories for your brand and am the mediator between the real and digital world.

Digital Storytelling

Everybody has a story waiting to be told. Talk To Aleks helps you to create fascinating stories for your fans, clients, just simply anybody that wants to dive into a new world. Our goal is to create stories that set you apart from the rest; no mainstream allowed. When will you let your story become reality?

Content Marketing

Finding the right voice for your brand doesn’t have to be that challenging. Talk to Aleks helps you to lift your brand into the new age of content marketing. I believe in three key components on the road to digital success: Observing the newest trends on the web, complemented by the empathy towards your target group and combine it with humanity’s greatest gift; Language.

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